Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Pen Bag

craft leonie design arts creativeDo you also have a favorite set of pens? I often loose them in the office so I thought of making this little pen bag. It is easy to carry around to meetings and you always have you favorite pens with you. It took me around 2 hours to make it.


2 pieces of wool for the outside (Grey); 25 x 10 cm
2 pieces of cotton for the lining (Turquoise); 25 x 10 cm
2 pieces of flannel for wading (White); 25 x 10 cm
1 pieces of cotton for the little handle (Turquoise): 5 x 8 cm
1 zipper, size: 25 cm


1. Cut the fabric pieces. Place 1 piece of flannel and wool on top of each other.

2. Place the zipper on top of the 2 layers with the right sides together. Make sure the zipper is aligned to the edge and stitch them together.

3. Repeat the same step for the other piece of wool and flannel.

4. Fold the the piece open and make sure the fabric edges are folded backwards so they are not underneath the zipper (else the zipper may get stuck later on because the fabric goes in between). Create another seam next the the zipper. Make sure you align in nice to the zipper edge.

5. Take the little piece of cotton, fold it in half and fold the edges inside. I went over it with an iron so it stays in shape. 

6. Then stitch the piece together to create a ribbon. 

7. Fold the ribbon into half and place it between the 2 pieces of wool (folded edge inside). Before you stitch the sides and bottom together, open the zipper a bit so you can turn it inside out when you are done. Then stitch the sides and bottom together with the ribbon in between. 

8. Press the bottom corners of the pen bag together so you get a triangular shape. Then sew over it to fix the shape. 

9. Cut off the corners. 

10. Repeat the same steps for the lining: Stitch the sides and bottom together. Press the bottom corners together to create the triangular shape and stitch it together.

11. Place the lining piece around the outside part (outside part is still folded inside out) and hand sew the edge of the lining onto the zipper. Make sure the treat doesn't come out on the outside but stays in between the fannel and the lining.

Congratulations, you are done! Enjoy using your little pen bag!

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  1. Hey Leonie,
    your blogsite is great, I love your creative things a lot, so I become your reader. I'd like to try this little pen bag. I'm not a talented sewer, so thanks for describing the steps... I've just to find the right tissue for it.



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