Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free and easy bag

Another item in the Gingko leaves collection! This time made a bag from a fabric painted by me. I decided to give the bag a natural look so I used all natural looking materials like unbleached cotton, naked leather, and felt. You can paint any figure on the bag to make it completely unique and personal!


2 pieces of unbleached cotton, size: 36 x 49 cm
2 pieces of felt, size: size: 36 x 49 cm
2 leather straps, size: 2,5 x 57 cm
Black fabric paint ( I used Dylon paint) & paint brush


1. Take one of the cotton pieces and paint any figure on it you want with the fabric paint.

2. After the paint got dry place the other cotton piece on top onto the right side and make a seam along the sides and the bottom.
Fold the 2 bottom corners in a triangle and make sure that the seams match in the center (see picture). Make a seam around 3 cm from the tip of the triangle.

3. This is how the results looks like.

4. Fold the bag inside out and stitch the 2 leather straps 4 cm from the top.

5. Stitch the ends of the leather straps onto the fabric with a seam in a squared shape. (If the leather is not too thick you can just use any sewing machine with an ordinary needle)

6. Take the 2 felt pieces and make a seam along both sides. Slide the felt bag over the cotton bag until the edges at the top match.

7. Make a seam all around the top edge. Make sure the straps are pushed down so they don't interfere with the seam.

8. Make a seam along the bottom edge of the felt bag. Make sure that the cotton bag is pushed far inside the felt bag so it doesn't interfere with the seam. Close the bottom except for the center.

9. Fold the bottom corners in a triangular shape (around the same size as you did for the cotton piece) and make a seam 3cm from the triangle tip.

10. Pull the felt bag inside out over the cotton bag. Close the gap in the bottom of the felt bag. Then push the felt bag inside the cotton bag. Finally  make a seam along the top edge so the felt lining stays nicely inside. You are done!


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